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Body Lotion 14 oils 6.76 fl. oz. (200ml) ($16.95)

66271 – Beautify Your skin! Made with 14 natural oils and Royal Jelly Extract. Our Body lotion will hydrate, soothe and beautify your skin.

Essential oil roll on DDC7 Synergy with basil, geranium & palmarosa 0.33 fl. oz. (10ml) ($14.95)

66280 – Helps you relax in order to ease tension and excessive worrying that might produce headaches and discomfort.

Herbal Tonic with arnica, calendula, eucalyptus, rosemary, mint, witch hazel, horse chesnut & chamomile. Net 4 fl. oz. (120 ml) ($14.95)

66275 - Generates an effect of relaxation and well being. Great for a comforting body massage after an intense day. The maceration of herbs is one of the oldest methods used to extract the functional components of plants. Our Herbal Tonic is made with extracts and oils from plants to get the most of the goodness of nature.

Soothing Leg Lotion 90ml ($19.95)

66274 - The perfect complement to finish a long day: a mix of herbs (including Indian Chestnut) that will soothe and reduce the tiredness of your feet and legs.

Good Night Synergy 50ml ($18.95)

66273 - A mix of essential oils that provides a calming effect that will help you with insomnia signs, making it easier to fall asleep.

Foot Spray 120ml ($16.95)

66276 - Foot Spray 120ml

Natural Salts & Sage Deodorant 50ml ($11.95)

66272 - A natural way to get rid of unpleasant body and sweat odour without clogging your pores, thanks to its natural origin ingredients which do not include parabens, aluminum chlorohydrate or synthetic fragrances.

Eucalyptus & Rosemary Spray 120ml ($16.95)


Armpit Detox Spray ($12.95)

66279 - This spray has a unique blend of essential oils that helps cleaning and detoxing your armpits skin by removing the layer created by antiperspirants, letting your pores breathe.

Hard Candy with Herbal Extracts 10pcs ($4.95)


Syrup w/Marjoram Bougainvillea & Propolis - Net 8.11 fl. oz. ($19.95)


Propolus Extract Spray 60ml ($21.95)



66277 - lts natural-ingredient formula helps reduce hair loss due to hair breakage and / or excess sebum.

AAN Serum Concentrated 45ml ($74.55)


Face Mask with Activated Charcoal 50ml ($14.95)

66281 - Cleanse and detox your skin with the power of activated charcoal with our Facial Mask: its exfoliating properties will provide a deep cleansing and leave your skin soft and beautiful.


Winter Shot Powder 10g ($16.50)


Formula 16 Fiber 7g ($17.95)


Formuila 06 Bio-P 7g ($24.95)


Formula 05 AG 15g ($32.50)


Formula 03 Bio Aloe - Net 16.9 fl. oz. ($17.95)


Formula 07 SBT - Net 16.9 fl. oz. ($17.50)


Capsules with Horserradish Tree and Matcha 120pcs ($24.95)


Formula 01 BioSilica 0.23oz ($19.95)


Formula 12 DTX with chlorophyll, alfalfa, parsley, celery, goji berry, mint essential oil & wheatgrass Net 16.9 fl oz (1.05 pt) (500 mL) ($17.95)

3284 - Promotes the correct functioning of depurative organs and helps eliminate what the body does not need.

Capsules with Activated Charcoal, Prickley Pear and Neem 120pcs ($21.95)



Chocolate Soap 100gr ($9.75)

3286 - 100gr Chocolate Artisanal Soap: provides deep hydration, revitalizing the skin, and helps preventing stretch marks and cellulite.

Avocado Oil Soap 100gr ($9.75)

3299 - 100gr Avocado Oil Artisanal Soap: perfect for dry skins as it contains essential fatty acids that favour dehydrated or prematurely aged skins.

Tepezcohuite Soap 100gr ($9.00)

3292 - 100gr Tepezcohuite Artisanal Soap: Helps diminishing blemishes, sunspots and superficial scars, improving the skin’s appearance.

Neem & Almonds Soap 100gr ($9.75)

3226 - 100gr Neem & Almonds Artisanal Soap: recommended for people suffering from diabetes, as its antibacterial properties protect skin from infections while providing deep and natural hydration.

Donkey Milk Soap 100gr ($10.45)

3290 - 100gr Donkey Milk Artisanal Soap: containing a high level of vitamins A, B and C, this soap boosts cellular regeneration for a soft and smooth skin.

Milk & Almonds Soap 100gr ($9.75)

3296 - 100gr Milk & Almonds Artisanal Soap: With its hydrating and revitalizing properties this soap is ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

Coffee & Pecans Soap 100gr ($9.00)

3291 - 100gr Coffee & Pecans Artisanal Soap: Thanks to its natural pecan peels and coffee grains, this soap has an exfoliating effect that removes dead cells and residues from the skin.

Star Anise Soap 100gr ($9.75)

3301 - 100gr Star Anise Artisanal Soap: Its natural analgesic properties make this soap a great aid in rheumatic treatments and skin infections (unexposed wounds).

Activated Charcoal Soap 100gr ($10.45)

3287 - 100gr Activated Charcoal Artisanal Soap: Helps detoxing and exfoliating the skin, thanks to its unique, raspy texture, perfect for acne treatment and greasy complexions.

Tea Tree Soap 100gr ($10.45)

3289 - 100gr Tea Tree Artisanal Soap: Made with essential tea tree oil, this soap makes a great complement for acne treatments and due to its antibacterial properties it also helps with skin infections.

Calendula, Honey & Chamomile Soap 100gr ($9.00)

3300 - 100gr Calendula, Honey & Chamomile Artisanal Soap: Treat skin rash, superficial wounds and inflammation naturally with this soap and its soothing healing properties.

Rue & Ginger Soap 100gr ($9.00)

3297 - 100gr Rue & Ginger Artisanal Soap Naturally freshens and deep cleans the skin, protecting it against fungus, rashes, athlete’s foot and infections.

Lemongrass & Basil Soap 100gr ($9.75)

3297 - 100gr Lemongrass & Basil Artisanal Soap: Its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties help to clean, protect and nurture all types of skin.

Seaweed & Parsley Soap 100gr ($9.00)

3303 - 100gr Seaweed & Parsley Artisanal Soap: Naturally exfoliates the skin, leaving a naturally smooth and fresh sensation.

Turmeric 100gr ($9.75)

3288 - 100gr Turmeric Artisanal Soap: With its high levels of antioxidants, this soap nurtures and heals scared and wounded skin.

Arnica Soap 100gr ($9.75)

3302 - 100gr Arnica Artisanal Soap: Prevents and reduces skin pain caused by bruises, cuts, and muscular soreness.

Aloe Vera Soap 100gr ($9.00)

3298 - 100gr Aloe Vera Artisanal Soap: soothes sunburned skin and prevents its premature aging thanks to the intervention in the cellular oxygenation process.

Rosemary 100gr ($9.75)

3293 - 100gr Rosemary Artisanal Soap: Helps with rheumatic pain, leaving a soothing sensation and delicious scent on your skin.